Drain Replacement & Installation

Drain Replacement in San Diego, CA

A worn-out drain could present some problems for your home. Drain lines carry all sorts of different types of waste away from your home, some of which could be acidic or corrosive to your drain lines. Over time, this corrosion can create weak spots in drain line walls which can then become the source for potentially serious leaks. Leaking drain lines have been known to cause damage to walls, yards, and even the soil beneath your property, which makes them extremely important to fix as soon as possible.

Our Drain Installation Services

Do you want to add something like an outdoor sink to your backyard? What about a working water tap to your garage? In both of these cases, you’ll need to install a brand new drain line to service it. New drain line installation can vary in complexity, usually based on the size of the line, where existing lines run, and what type of drain line is needed. No matter how large or small your drain installation project may be, our experienced plumbing technicians can do it right the first time. A properly installed drain line will be leak-free, efficient, sloped correctly, and built from materials which will last.

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In many cases a drain repair is a fairly simple job that can be fixed quickly and with minimal invasiveness to your home. However, if you have a leak in your wall or underground that’s causing damage to your home, we may have to dig in to get to the damaged line in order to conduct the repair. We carefully inspect every drain line before doing this in order to make sure that this type of service is necessary, and we discuss your repair options before we begin.